Hi There! I'm Trea

I'm all about helping ordinary women, just like off extraordinary debt.

For too long, debt has limited our growth, influence, and impact in the community.
It has stopped you from enjoying the life you're working so hard for!

Debt has left you feeling frustrated and powerless....but you don't have to stay there!

On this site you'll find the strategies, templates, and tools to finally pay off 6-figure debt, and take BACK the power over your future! 

Debt-freedom is yours to claim, so let me equip you for the journey :)


Here's a sneak peek of what you'll do around here...

  • Start your debt-free journey, even if you're clueless (& absolutely terrified!)
  • Pay off 6-figure debt, no matter how much you make
  • Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck and start consistently putting more money toward your debt
  • Create a realistic budget you can finally stick to
  • Become unstoppable on your debt-free journey...knowing how to adjust no matter what life throws your way

Let's get to work!

We get out of debt sooner (even BIG debt) when we consistently pay more than the minimum payment. And the ONLY way to consistently pay down your debt is to gain complete control of your spending. Ready?

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  • Before working with Trea, I was spending frivolously and then would be disappointed when I didn't have enough money to cover my bills; constantly playing catchup. What helped me the most was planning each paycheck ahead of time so that I knew where the money was supposed to go before it was spent. As a result of her private coaching program, I now have paid off two credit cards and have a concrete plan as to when my entire debt will be paid in full, much sooner than I ever thought possible. 
    Melanie W.
  • Before working with Trea, I knew my finances were out of control and I had no idea how to plan for getting out of debt. Having my paycheck plan has helped me the most which shows me how to pay down my debt and in what order to pay my debt. As a result of her private coaching program, I have been able to pay off some of my debt and have a plan to handle all my debt. Trea helps me focus on getting things paid off as well as building a savings and emergency fund.
    Charmaine S.
  • Before working with Trea, I was in over my head with uncontrollable unnecessary debt that affected my family. I've had many sleepless nights over my debt. My mindset wasn't focused on the potential harm debt could cause. What helped me the most was Trea being very understanding and authentic. Most companies charge you a monthly fee to just pay the bills and that's it but Trea actually educated me on how to look at MY hard earned money and to prevent this from happening again. As a result of her private coaching program, I now see the end of the tunnel even when I felt like giving up altogether . I'm able to take these tools and steps with me and educate my family and friends to think the same way.
    Tanesha G.
  • Trea's Private Financial Coaching program has definitely allowed me to see my finances and student debt in a different light. Before her program, I did not have a plan about how to pay my student debt in a short period of time. She provided me with a plan that will help me pay off my student debt in the next 5 years. Through her practical budgeting tools and weekly power sessions, Trea's help over the past few months, has even allowed me to save $1,000 for an emergency fund.
    I truly appreciate her down-to-earth personality, because she was able to share her own personal past struggles with paying debt and managing her finances. She is truly an inspiration and motivates me to continue my journey to a debt-free life.
    Rachelle R.
  • Before working with Trea, I was so unaware as to where my money was going and how I was going to pay off my large student loan debt. I felt that Trea's story was so parallel to mine so I reached out to see if she could help me out.
    I promptly signed up for her program because I was at my wits end and I am so happy I did. The biggest thing I learned from our individual sessions were that it is ok with mistakes I've made in my past because they don't have to be my present nor future. I am in the process of paying my debt off with a clear cut plan and with each payment I am becoming financially sound and loving it!!
    Tanesha B.
  • This program has really given me the confidence I needed in budgeting. I had my own way of doing things that just didn't work for me. You know the paycheck to paycheck do it yourself budget where you get your paycheck then you jot down what your going to pay, never really budgeting in all the little extras. My greatest achievement since investing in this program has been getting on a path to pay off my debt. Not only that but also becoming more aware of how much I spend in the miscellaneous category and taking steps to cut down in that area.
     Having accountability with Trea absolutely helped me and I began to do simple things like pack lunches if I knew we would be gone all day. I'm absolutely proud of myself and I can see the results in black and white.
    Nikkia H.